Friday 13th October

We have had a great week in Gwiwer class!

In English, we have finished learning about instructional writing, looking at adverb starters and imperative (bossy) verbs. We will be using this to write our own instructions about ‘how to be healthy’ next week!

We also wrote our ‘distance writing’ today – were we thought back to our learning in Year 1 and wrote an innovation of our story ‘where the wild things are!’

Gwiwer class have been busy in Maths learning about using place value to solve addition problems and looking at ordering number from 0-100.

In our topic ‘What do I need to be me?’ we have been learning about healthy foods and unhealthy foods and what they give to our bodies. We also saw something really exciting! Our butterflies are starting to come out of their pupa! We’ve seen 4 butterflies emerge already, and we hope by Monday the others will be out too. We will then be releasing them into the wild after watching them go through the lifecycle.

In PE, we have been working on our team building skills with Mr Roach.

In ICT we have been finishing our healthy menu designs. We have now learnt how to edit our word document and how to retrieve images from the internet and input them to our document. We have also learnt how to save and find our work on the computer!

Miss Emmett and Mrs Rowe are really enjoying seeing all the homework that is coming in, and there were 15 of you that got all 10 spellings this week – well done to you!

We will post again after to keep you updated with our learning!


Welcome to Year 2!


Wow! It has been a busy few weeks in Gwiwer class but we have settled into our new class well whilst launching into our new topic ‘what do I need to be me?’

In English, the children have been learning their class story of Little Miss Unhealthy using different actions and our story map. Our class had a go at ‘hot seating.’ We were taking it in turns pretending to be Little Miss Unhealthy while our friends asked us questions. This got us thinking about the character of Little Miss Unhealthy and what we might like to know about her. We have also been learning how to use commas in our sentences when we are writing lists and adding adjectives to our sentences to make them more interesting!

We’ve also been looking at nouns, verbs and adjectives in our sentences and remembering to write using our capital letters (A), punctuation (. ! ?) and finger spaces.

We’ve also begun learning our instructions on ‘How to be Unhealthy’. The children will be learning this text and then will try writing their own (innovation)

Gwiwer class have been busy in Maths learning how to count in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. It seems that the children are very good at this – it would be really great if we could practice these at home.

We’ve also been learning about place value (tens and ones), ordering numbers to 100, finding numbers on a number line and estimating.

This week we have been learning about Al the Alligator – please ask us about him and what he tells us about the numbers!

In our topic work, we have started looking at lifecycles of animals, especially the frog and a butterfly. We have got some caterpillars in our class who have turned themselves into chrysalis. We will continue to watch them go through the life cycle. We have also thought about what we do to keep ourselves healthy, especially healthy foods, exercise and keeping our bodies clean.

In PE, the children have been experimenting with their gymnastic skills and building on them by understanding stretching and curling. After learning some more skills we will be creating our own routines. We have also had outdoor PE with Mr Roach were we have been playing team building games.

Just a reminder that our PE lessons are on a Wednesday and a Friday so the children need their PE kits in school.

During RE this week we have looked at the Bible, what it might be about and the different themes of the stories within the Bible.

In Art we have been looking at animal prints which we coloured in using different chalks, crayons and pastels. We have also been practicing our sketching and shading by drawing a still life fruit bowl.

Well done to the children who got all of their spellings. Just a reminder that we will be sending home spellings on Monday ready for the test on Friday – please find these inside your home diary. It is really important that we practise these as they will be the type of words that are on our SATs in May.

We have also stuck the weekly timetable and our homework tasks in the home diary (near the front). The homework set is a variety of tasks that are worth different amounts of points. The aim is to try and collect 100 points by the end of the topic.

Miss Emmett and Mrs Handcock are really happy that the children have settled in so well to Year 2. Thank you for reading, completing some of the homework tasks and practising spellings at home.

Our library day is a Tuesday so please make sure you bring your book into school each week so we can change it.

We will post again next week to keep you updated with our learning!

If you have any questions please feel free to write them in the home diaries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Miss Emmett & Mrs Hancock

Summer Term

Hello All!

Welcome back to our final half term before the Summer holidays!

The children were really excited to be back at school, especially with the launch of our new topic ‘Trading places: Great Britain or Brazil.’

The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Two Queen’s in our last topic – which covered Great Britain and how we live in the current world. We finished off our fantastic topic with a great trip to Pendennis Castle which the children loved. We got to learn all about the history of the castle, how people used to live and we got to dress up as different people.

As you all know – the children also completed their KS1 SATS in May. The children were great at having a go and really tried their hardest. Mrs Rowe and Miss Emmett were very impressed with their attitudes towards the papers! Well done to Year 2!

As we get settled into this last term, the children will be learning the story of ‘Monkey see, monkey too.’ The children have already added actions to the story, and are looking forward to seeing what else we are going to do with the story.

In maths, we are reviewing some topics that the children struggled with the first time round to see if we can secure some of those gaps in our learning!

The new homework is in the children’s diaries – some homework has already started coming in – which is very impressive! We look forward to seeing who is going to achieve their 100 points this term.

We look forward to seeing any parents or carers during our open afternoon on Monday 3rd July!



We have had a great few weeks back in Gwiwer class!

In English, we learnt our new story ‘The Cloud Spinner.’ The children really enjoyed learning the story through different games, and seeing who can tell the story the best – the boys or the girls! We also used lots of adjectives to describe and compare the different characters. The class were great at ‘hot seating’ – pretending to be the different characters, and having our peers ask us questions!

Here is our story:

There was once boy who could weave magical cloth from the clouds. The boy was wise. He spun just enough thread and just enough cloth to make two scarves. One was pure white to protect from the sun. The other he wore when it was cold. It was a twist and a twirl of gold and white and crimson, soft as a mouse’s touch and warm as roasted chestnuts.

One day the King rode by and his greedy eyes noticed the wonderful scarf.

The king ordered the boy to make him such a scarf despite the boy’s warning.

So, the boy spun from morning until night. The greedy king was overjoyed but he was not satisfied! He ordered the boy to weave clothes for the Queen and the Princess.

Sadly the boy was forced to spin. He spun and he spun until the clouds became fewer and fewer.

The king was delighted with his cloak but the Princess said nothing.

Day after day no rain fell from the cloudless sky and the animals and crops began to die. The villagers pleaded for help but the king said “No”.

The Princess had a plan. She stole her father’s cloak and the other clothes.

Luckily the boy was able to unspin the magical cloth to make clouds once more. Rains fell and a huge rainbow appeared showing that order had been restored and that there was hope for the future.

In our SPaG week we had a look at the different types of words such as nouns, verbs and adjectives. We now know what the definition is and how to identify them in different sentences.

We have also gone on to write our own stories, following the cloud spinner and Miss Emmett’s story of the star spinner. The children thought carefully about all of the different words they had to include and the changes they could make.

Gwiwer class have been busy in Maths learning about how to add one and two digit numbers together. We have been using our understanding of place value and adding tens and ones to find answers to big addition problems. We have also been looking at different patterns and making mathematical patterns of our own. Finally, we have been looking at word problems and working out how to solve them.

We have launched into our topic of “blown away” which the children have already shown an interest in! We have looked at some different textures, thinking about what a cloud might feel like. After that we went outside and had a look at the different clouds we could see, which we then used to make cloud pictures. The children have also been looking at different types of clouds. See below:

Cirrus clouds are the most common of the high clouds. They are composed of ice and are thin, wispy clouds blown in high winds into long streamers. Cirrus clouds are usually white and predict fair to pleasant weather. By watching the movement of cirrus clouds you can tell from which direction weather is approaching. When you see cirrus clouds, it usually indicates that a change in the weather will occur within 24 hours.

Stratocumulus clouds are low, puffy and grey. Most form in rows with blue sky visible in between them. Rain rarely occurs with stratocumulus clouds, however, they can turn into nimbostratus clouds.

Cumulus clouds are white, puffy clouds that look like pieces of floating cotton. Cumulus clouds are often called “fair-weather clouds”. The base of each cloud is flat and the top of each cloud has rounded towers.

Cumulo Nimbus clouds are thunderstorm clouds. High winds can flatten the top of the cloud into an anvil-like shape. Cumulo Nimbus clouds are associated with heavy rain, snow, hail, lightning and even tornadoes. The anvil usually points in the direction the storm is moving.

We have also been looking at different types of weather that can happen, and why that weather happens. The children then went on to learn about the difference between weather and climate. We had a look at the globe and identified the equator and what that means. The video we watched also told us about the Temperate Regions (where we live) and also the Polar Regions (like the arctic and Antarctic.)

In PE, we are learning about how to use our multi-skills in different activities with Miss Emmett and then we played Dodge ball with Miss Toms and the Year 6 class!

Just before fireworks night Miss Emmett told us all about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate on the 5th of November. We also learnt a poem, ask us if we can remember it!

Remember, remember,

 The fifth of November

  Gunpowder, treason and plot.

  We see no reason,

 Why gunpowder treason

  Should ever be forgot!

In PSHE we have been learning about manners and random acts of kindness. The children have created a great display with the different acts they could do.

In RE we have been looking at “who is Jesus” – we have been thinking about how God creates nature and controls the weather. We drew different pictures of times when we could remember the weather and how it made us feel. We also thought about how God may have been feeling.

We will post again next week!

Week 6

We have had a great week for the end of term in Gwiwer class!

In English, we have finished learning about instructional writing, looking at adverb starters and imperative (bossy) verbs. We have used this to write our own instructions about ‘how to be healthy.’

Gwiwer class have been busy in Maths learning about writing numbers in words and using place value to solve addition problems. We have also created a ‘show me what you know’ sheet with all of the different things we have learnt this term – these look great!

We have wrapped up our topic – ‘What do I need to be me?’ by releasing our butterflies into the wild. They didn’t want to leave! However, eventually we saw 9 beautiful red admirals fly away. We then wrote about the lifecycle of the butterfly and the different stages we saw whilst they were in our classroom!

In PE, we worked in pairs and threes to create routines. Our routines included starting and finishing positions, balancing, rolling and jumping with our bodies curled and stretched. Miss Emmett was very impressed with our efforts!

In RE we designed an invitation to ‘the world’s best party’ after looking at The Parable of the Great Feast – which tells us that God invites everyone to love him!

Miss Emmett and Mrs Rowe hope that you all have a lovely half term break and return well rested and ready to start our new topic ‘Blown Away!’

We also had a lovely treat Friday afternoon with Miss Toms – we got to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which links to our topic!

We will post again after half term to keep you updated with our learning!


Week 5

We have had another great week in Gwiwer class, with lots of exciting things going on.

In English, we have been looking at some tricky language that is found in instruction writing. We have been learning to use adverbs properly and how to add imperative verbs (bossy verbs) to our sentences. The children have produced some fantastic instructional sentences. We will be applying this to our writing next week when we write our own instructions!

Gwiwer class have been busy in Maths learning about comparing and ordering numbers to 100. This has been helpful for re-visiting the place value of numbers and how the tens and ones can help us to order the different numbers. The children have shown a fantastic understanding with ordering numbers. Do ask them about it! We have also had a go at writing our numbers in digits and words – which has been interesting to see who can pick up the pattern with the written and number form. It would be really useful if we could practise these at home!

We have been continuing with our topic – ‘What do I need to be me?’ We have had a revision session and also a quiz to check our understanding!

In PE, we have been working towards controlling our bodies when stretching and curling – making sure our bodies are strong and balanced. Also, we have started to look at different ways of rolling, avoiding using our heads! We have started to create our own routines, thinking about starting and finishing positions. In outdoor PE we have been looking at fun exercises to keep us fit and healthy – this week we were applying our balancing in pairs to see what different positions we could come up with!

During RE this week, we looked at the story of ‘The rich fool’ and we reflected on what it meant. We then drew a large pot of treasure and thought about who we would share it with and why!

In Art with Miss Toms we had a go at applying our new understanding of portraits and features, and drew a portrait of our friends.

In Music with Mr Hawkin we used different instruments to see if we could make the noises that different animals could make. We had to think about the different sounds of the instruments and if it was right for the animal we were looking at. The children were great at this and came up with some fantastic sounds.

Finally, in ICT we have been looking at how to be safe using the internet. We went on an adventure with “Lee and Kim” who showed us how to stay safe especially when playing games with different characters. We also then thought of top tips to help us become ‘protectors.’ We then received a certificate to say we were now protectors – to make sure we are all safe using the internet!

All the children have taken a book home this week from the library. This was a book chosen on their own so it may be a little bit above their reading ability however, we like to let the children explore books that they are interested in. If you could please make sure these books came back to school next Thursday so we can change them in the library. Thank you!

We will post again next week to keep you updated with our learning!

Miss Emmett and Mrs Rowe


Week 4

Wow! We have had a really good week in Year 2!

In English we have been looking at instructions on how to be unhealthy. We have learnt our text map to help us remember the instructions. We have also identified the different adverb starters and tried to use them in our own sentences. Also, we have been having a look at how to remember our capital letters and full stops.

Gwiwer class have also been busy in maths learning all about Al the Alligator. He is a very hungry alligator who likes to eat all of the biggest numbers! We have been learning this poem to help us remember Al.

This is a ZIP folder that contains my Al the Hungry Alligator Greater Than and Less than Rhyme and my Al The Hungry Alligator Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal to Game. $    On Sale for Today 11/27!:

We have been ordering our numbers to 100, looking at bigger and smaller numbers. If we could practise our counting at home – that would be really helpful!

In our topic work, we got to design our smoothies in groups which helped us to develop our team working skills, also how to make decisions together. We all came up with some great names and Miss Emmett was very impressed! Then, on our open after noon – Thank you to all the parents who spent the afternoon with it – we were able to learn how to prepare the fruit ready for our smoothies and make them! Mrs Rowe taught us all about how to carefully prepare fruit using both the claw hold and the bridge hold. We then got to make our smoothies in the blender with Miss Emmett. There were lots of other activities going on during this afternoon including designing a healthy plate of food, reading our interesting topic books, sorting food into the food groups and trying to think of healthy foods for each letter of the alphabet!

In art this week we were able to design our own Christmas cards for a competition!

In PE, the children have been experimenting with their gymnastic skills and building on them by understanding stretching and curling. We have looked at different balancing positions too! After learning some more skills we will be creating our own routines. In outdoor PE we have been looking at fun exercises to keep us fit and healthy!

In Music, we continued our singing with Mr Hawkin. We have been looking at different tones of our voices. We also had a go at listening to some music and trying to match it to different animals!

Next week, we will be starting our library slot. We are sorry it’s late – but with all of the building works it has been quite tricky! Our library day will be on a Thursday. This gives the children a chance to go to the library and learn about how to respect books and how to behave in a library. They will also get to choose any book to take home for a week. This may be above their reading ability – but it is chosen by them and obviously something they are interested in. If you could make sure your child brings their library book back in the following Thursday as they will be changing them every week.

We will post again next week to keep you updated with our learning!

Thank you,

Miss Emmett & Mrs Rowe